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Mitsi FTO MIVEC manual

Kaibo Feb 8, 2012

  1. Kaibo

    Kaibo Member

    Mitsubishi FTO MIVEC manual
    This is the 200BHP model with much needed manual box.
    White with rare sunroof.
    17" split rim style alloys with polished rim
    full decat stainless from manifold back with twin exit
    Grooved and drilled brakes (needed on these)
    HKS induction kit
    Front strut brace
    Stiffened suspension which makes my a3 on coilies seem like riding a soft cushion.
    Alpine cda-9581 with aux cable, alpine 6x9's and pioneer carrozzeria components up front. Full sound deadening from front to back, not that you'd notice : )
    momo wheel
    Toad alarm
    MOT June, Tax end of this month.
    -Bolster ripped and warn on drivers seat, right side, you don't actually notice this, only time I do is when I Hoover it.
    Not the quietest car, squeaks and rattles, do not compare these to Audi's lol.
    -(con to the buyer not me) I have cut the power steering belt off, may seem strange but I had a auber annoying tensioner pulley on it, I was/am going to remove the AC so made a choice to run without PS, this means I can remover AC AND PS pump. I'm going to loop the PS lines if kept to make it easier, not easy to park but you get so much more feeling of grip and what the wheels are doing when playing.
    -Stutter cruising at 30 due to TPS but hopefully will sort this.
    -car looks gorgeous when clean but previous owner has hand DIY sprayed front and rear bumper and is not the best job in the world.

    -Sounds amazing
    -Brilliant handling
    -Bang for buck value is one of the best (unless you want more than 200BHP) : )

    I bought this about 2 months ago for £950, selling for £750 as I need money for a rental deposit on the 1st March, if I could get away with not selling either of my cars I would, this money is really needed, ideally this will sell before my A3.

    Will add pics later

    Cheers Kai

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