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Misfiring problem A3 1.8t 1998

joel123 Feb 11, 2010

  1. joel123

    joel123 New Member

    hi i know this sort of thread has been up many times before sorry. my problem is that my a3 is misfiring from 2000 -3000 revs and only under load ive checked all the obvious replaced spark plugs 2 coil packs and the ignition module and checked the air flow meter and injectors so i took it to an auto electrician and they ran a diagnostic and it said inttermittent fault on injector 1 so i swapped number 1 with number 4 to see if it would blacken up the spark plug like it was doing an then to no avail its now not making any of the spark plugs blacken ive ruled most things out im taking it for a compression test tommorrow but other than that i really dont know what to do. any help would be really appreciated thanks
  2. chinhead

    chinhead New Member

    Just had the same problem with mine today pal, took it to the garage and had vag com check where it said misfiring detected cylinder 1! Replaced coil (from Audi) no she's back to her best :yes:
    Hope this helps!!
  3. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    if its saying intermittant injector fault, then it might be a harness fault rather than the injector itself...

    When i swapped the engine in our A4 last month it was missfiring (i think) between 2-3k, swapped the coils from the old engine and noticed we hadnt plugged in the IAT sensor. That fixed it, but we dunno wether it was the coils or the IAT.

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