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Misfire and oil in the coolant? Need some help

mitchs3 Dec 7, 2011

  1. mitchs3

    mitchs3 New Member

    Hello people.

    I have a 2002 S3 Running stage 2. I started getting what felt like turbo lag and then a day later slight misfire. I was told that coil packs are a common fault and cause misfire so i got 4 new genuine coils and spark pugs. The problem was solved but only for a couple of days :( The misfire came back. Its now started to use coolant and whilst topping it up half a pint every couple of days notice that i have started getting oil due on the top of the coolant. Hardly any but noticeable. This then lead me to believe the head gasket could be the fault. After finding out the misfire was coming from cylinder 1. I checked the compression in all 4 cylinders and they were all running the same and good compression. The spark plug in cylinder one was dirty compared to the other three which were all as new. I have no over heating problems or and contamination in the oil or any gunk round the oil cap? Could it be a injector or a water cooled oil cooler? The car doesn't misfire bad its only when using the torque or heavy acceleration?

    Hopefully you can help :)
  2. Andy123

    Andy123 Member

    Have you checked for any leaks around the coolant system? Have you got a picture of the dirty spark plug? I'd suggest going to a local garage and ask them to test the coolant reservoir for co2 and then go from there. Have you noticed any white smoke out the tailpipes? There is going to be a lot more pressure in the engine under heavy acceleration/higher torque so any minor fault with the gasket will be more evident but it could just be on it's way out which is why it hasn't started to show any other signs of overheating yet. It's a difficult one to answer without really seeing it but if there are co2 fumes in the coolant then you know you have an issue with the gasket which needs sorting out sooner rather than later.
  3. patTTpoa

    patTTpoa Member

    As Andy has put 1st things 1st get the cooling system checked for co2.

  4. mitchs3

    mitchs3 New Member

    I will try get some pictures up of the coolant bottle and the spark plug.
    It's not got massive amount of white smoke just think its normal for this time of year.
    Cheers for the info guys will check for co2 fumes like you said.

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