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Miracle Detail

siu00adg Jul 14, 2007

  1. siu00adg

    siu00adg Member

    Thinking about getting this done when my new sprint blue S3 arrives :happy:, bit steep for around £500 but it isnt too much more expencive than Audi's Autoglym prep that isn't a touch on this guy's work. Anyone had this or something similar done?


    Miracle Detail New Car Preparation and Protection
    - from £475

    Sadly, cars are rarely delivered with perfect paintwork, even when brand new. This can be because of storage conditions, transportation damage or poor preparation pre-delivery. Therefore, to make new car collection or delivery as special as it should be, why not get the paint fully prepared and protected beforehand? Miracle Detail New Car Preparation and Protection includes:

    [​IMG] Paintwork measured on every panel, whether steel, aluminium, GRP, PU or carbon fibre, with full report and paint graph
    [​IMG] 24-stage natural wash with wheels arches and door shuts cleaned
    [​IMG] Wheels cleaned with P21s wheel gel and a boar's hair wheel brush
    [​IMG] Full paintwork decontamination (removes embedded contaminants)
    [​IMG] Hand-dried using microfibre drying towels
    [​IMG] Paintwork correction, if required. Most cars would benefit from a single stage paintwork correction, at the very least. This removes any swirl marks inadvertently introduced during dealership preparation
    [​IMG] Zymol Royale wax (73% rare white Carnauba) application
    [​IMG] Tyres and exterior plastics cleaned and conditioned
    [​IMG] Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and polished
    [​IMG] Water repellant treatment to all exterior windows
    [​IMG] Interior detail and leather conditioning available at extra cost

  2. DiscoPanda

    DiscoPanda Member

    I'll be getting this done too but with Polished Bliss (in the detailing section). Audi will be instructed not to let their 17 year-olds near it with their gritty sponge!

    Polished bliss are a good bit cheaper - although with travel expenses this would increase the price.
  3. dipstic

    dipstic Member

    How many have had their new car done by the dealer (autoglym) is it worth it or better to go elsewhere ?
  4. Dandle

    Dandle Member

    No one will look at a new car and thing "oh that must have been detailed it looks really clean". Your better off putting some good wax on there yourself(i use Swissol sheild) to keep the paintwork good and get it detailed in 2-3 years time when its had some road time, the guy will have to work to make it look better then instead of waxing up a new car. Having the paint work measured is all well and good but you cant reject the car if its not the same and the only one benefitting from it is the guy your paying to do it. Of course this is only my opinion though.
  5. leecs3

    leecs3 thinking about stuff

    Go else where, its madness to pay a dealer £400+, they don't have a clue. Where about are you? I'll recommend you someone who'll do it right.
  6. Eeef

    Eeef Lord of War

    It's rarely the dealer that does it though. It's normally contracted out.
  7. jasaudi

    jasaudi Member

    I would agree with Dandle and Eeef.

    The cleaning of cars os contracted out on a per car rate basis. (so the more they do, the more they get) So quality goes out the window.

    As for spending £400-500 on the special protection - don't waste your money

    Go out and buy some Collinite 476 and clean the so it is perfect and then apply it immediately (same day you buy it)

    The stuff is amazing it will cost you <&#163;30 and some sweat and hard work, but it is well worth it.

    I did this to mine and then drove it 3000 miles without a clean across Europe in filthy weather and on unmade roads etc. My car is Moro blue and came back grey all over. A quick wash and it was the same as when it came out of the showroom.

    Spend the &#163;450 you will save on some nice toys instead
  8. Eeef

    Eeef Lord of War

    But we're not talking about the normal post service cleaning, we're talking about pre delivery cleaning such as Lifeshine , which IS contracted out in most cases.
  9. mcmasman

    mcmasman Member

    I had my car done 3 weeks old from PermaShine. Very professional work. Picked up car from my work in the morning, told me exactly where he will take my car, what he will do with it and returned on the same day 4:00pm sharp. Walk through the car with me afterwards and given me the certificate (5 year work gurantee). He also offer as a personal bonus to do any touch up, stone chip for free for the next one year.
  10. leecs3

    leecs3 thinking about stuff

    did they do a full paint correction first?
  11. skydiver

    skydiver New Member

    Paul Dalton of Miracle detail is an expert at what he does, he is expensive though. Search for him on www.autopia.org or www.cleanyourcar.co.uk and you can see his work and even a video if I recall correctly.

    I would say that its best to start as you mean to go on. Most dealers will not have anyone that will take care of your new car as well as a professional detailer.

    Further to this not all cars come from the factory with perfect paint. I am not taking anything major here and the majority of punters would not even notice but enthusiasts such as us lot and the detailer would.

    This nonsense about autoglym lifeshine or any other treatment being worth the money is absolute rubbish. Most of the products that are used in these proceses can be bought of the net at a fraction of the cost. I would not imagine that it does anymore than a decent sealer such as klasse, Blackfire or Megs would do, and as for it lasting five years.............

    Of course thats just my opinion and if someone showed me concrete evidence that these treatments were worth the money and did any good then I would stand corrected no problem

    If I ever buy a new car (If I can stand the depreciation) then I would have no hesitation in asking the dealer to leave it alone and paying someone to do it. That said I have all my own gear (Porter cable etc) so could do it myself anyway.

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