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mintex pads or not????

stressfrees3 Apr 27, 2004

  1. stressfrees3

    stressfrees3 Member

    Hi Guys

    the life expectancy of the front pads is coming to an end at 26000m. I would not go for audi pads again cos from what I ear there are better. Have heard that pagid ones are good but what about mintex and ferodo? cost is not a problem but i want something that brakes better than the standard without spelling out a lot of dosh. could anyone advise and give some pointers and wheres the best place to go?

    shall be doing the change myself as i have changed them previous on my mk2 and mk3 golfs. is the set up similar or different to what i'm use to. looks like a hexagaonal key to release the bolts?

    thanks in advance for the advice
  2. Mike.M

    Mike.M Well-Known Member

    Mintex are good and rated as a good standard replacement.

    www.TTStuff.com sell them and give a nice review
  3. XXX_18T

    XXX_18T Member

    itsnot that im looking for a long lasting pad but im not happy with the performance of the EBC's IMHO

    Can anyone get a quote for the Pagid Blue RS4-2's?

    Best quote i got was $178 US delivered

    Thats less than half ive been quoted in Oz

    maybe they are even cheaper in Europe?


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