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Mini heads up for London comuters

silver75 Feb 13, 2007

  1. silver75

    silver75 Big Ron

    Hey I dont know if this is old news, but I only just started using the train to get to work after moving to zone 2.
    Went to my local station to get a monthly ticket and they tried to sell me a monthly zone 1&2 travel card for 90 quid a month!
    Anyway went on this site...

    ...fiddled about with a few destinations and am now only paying 45 notes a month to get to work in zone one, the ticket I have means I cant use the tube, but I dont need to as the overland gets me to work with less stops a little bit of walking and takes the same time.
    Basically the guys at the station will allways sell you a travelcard even though you dont necassarily have to use the bus or tube so your spending money on **** you dont need.
    Also splitting up your journey and buying to point to point tickets can also save you money instead of getting the travelcard. Obviously if you rely on the tube to get to work the ignore all this
  2. TDI

    TDI Member

    useful, as i travel in london often.


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