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Miltek for S3

SilureMark Jun 15, 2014

  1. SilureMark

    SilureMark Active Member

    I feel the need for a bit more of a soundtrack from my S3! It's just a little too quiet for me...

    Now Miltek have released their range of exhausts for the new S3, anyone thinking of having one? I'm almost certainly going to take the plunge, will probably have the resonated version, cat back. Undecided on stainless or the black tail pipes though. Will leave it a month or so and then pop over to AMD me thinks. Prices? I haven't seen any published or actually enquired. I am guess around £600 fitted?
  2. RYuill

    RYuill Well-Known Member Audi RS3 Audi S3

    I think for the cat back was around £1200 the full system was around £2400 that's with the 100mm GT tips.
  3. geefunk1978

    geefunk1978 Well-Known Member

    Think there's only a couple of us on here with Milltek's, mine is full turbo back non res and was the development car. It's pretty loud but the res is not much louder than standard, there's about 10db difference between them. They're going to develop an extra silencer soon for the non res as it's a bit drony at motorway speeds. Hope this helps.
  4. geefunk1978

    geefunk1978 Well-Known Member

    Check the website, black tips look mega. That's my car on the website.

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