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Milltek Exhaust

S4 Phantom Nov 8, 2012

  1. S4 Phantom

    S4 Phantom Member

    Hi there.
    seriously thinking putting Milltek on my B8 S4
    Wondering has anyone did the same on their B8 S4? Did you go for the twin pipe or the oval? If I went for race version does it mean it is louder and will i fail my MOT in the future? Are you happy with the outcome? does it sound as good as the AMGs? Sorry for bombarding all the questions? Just thought if I am going to spend circa £1800, i just want to make sure I've made the right choice.

    Thank you so much in advance. Looking forward to hearing your views
  2. Mcdubber1

    Mcdubber1 Member

    It's unlikely you'll make your V6 sound as good as an AMG V8!!!! Assuming it's the V8 AMG's your on about because they do sound pretty awesome!
  3. S4 Phantom

    S4 Phantom Member

    I didn't think they could match the V8 AMG noise. they are pretty awesome. Just want to see if anyone has done it and share their views that is all. Surprisingly the lack of comments here.
  4. I was hoping for more replies, as I'm considering a Milltek too
  5. longp2

    longp2 Active Member

    I don't mind the standard exhaust sound, even though its not the V8 rumble I had with my B7 S4, so for me the first mod will be a new pulley and remap after that I may consider a miltek exhaust.

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