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Milltek choices?

tku Oct 11, 2009

  1. tku

    tku Member

    Hi guys, first of all im sorry for posting a newbie thread but was thinking about having a milltek exhaust done and need to know the following details. What is the difference and functions between getting a downpipe and hi-cat exhaust or just a normal non-res cat back? :think:
  2. AJames

    AJames Rally Driver - road Audi S3-8P

    If you read around the forum, you will find a lot of literature on this.

    1) you want the turbo back exhaust.
    2) if not enough €, go for downpipe and hi-flow cat: these parts affect the gas flow & backpressure right from the turbo, and have the greatest impact.
    3) buy the full system, resonated is loud enough, I have it. Please do not go for a de-kat pipe, the environment and I will thank you.

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