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  1. Shaun Hollamby from AmD Essex gave Millteks' Audi R8 a blast up at Snetterton in Norfolk last week.

    Unofficial laptimes gave the car the potential to win the Tuner Grand Prix held at the track last year. The car had an AmD remap and Milltek exhaust which will give a gain of 30/35bhp over the standard car.

    "I think that with a little more work the Audi R8 could become a serious contender in Time Attack and give the 600bhp Japanese cars a run for their money", said Shaun. "We are racing the Milltek-backed Seat Cupra in the Dunlop Sportmaxx championship at Snetterton in April so I would like to thank Milltek for giving me the chance to get warmed up in such a magnificent car."

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