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Milltek Audi R8 at Snetterton Race Circuit

shaun@amdessex.com Mar 11, 2008

  1. Hi

    I drove Millteks Audi R8 up at Snetterton last week and was very impressed with most aspects of the car.

    The handling was very neutral with a perfect balance verging on the side of oversteer which was very controllable on the throttle.

    The 3 settings on the traction control were tested and fully off was the quickest once I had a few laps under my belt!

    The only downside for me was the upchange with the RTronic gearbox. The downchange was fantastic but the upchange was very cumbersome. I think this slowed the car by at least half a second per lap?

    Considering how good the VAG DSG gearbox is I am surprised that this did not come up to a similiar level? I realise the problems of dealing with a much torquier engine but.......

    How have others on here got on with their R8 on the track or even fast road?

    Cheers Shaun.

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