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Mileage problem

Brownsauce Mar 10, 2009

  1. Brownsauce

    Brownsauce New Member

    I've got a 2000 A6 1.8 T Quattro.It got knocked at work and had to go in for a bit of work around the rear o/s light cluster and wing.it went into the bodyshop in full working order and 110000 miles on the clock and when I picked it up 2 1/2 weeks later it had 651000 miles on the clock and the odo didn't work.
    I took it up with the bodyshop and they said nothing to do with them and after a bit of dialect with them and the insurance company it was sent to Audi.
    Anyway the upshot is that the bodyshop have told me that a component in the dash cluster has gone and that this is quite common with this model with a bit of mileage on it.I'm not very happy!
    Has anyone else heard or had this problem?
    I find it hard to accept that something can go wrong when the car is not being used and sitting in a workshop.
    If anyone has any knowledge of this so called common problem,can you let me know please.Any input or ideas will be greatly appreciated.
    Sorry it's a bit long winded and thanks
  2. dunk

    dunk Member

    does the odometer work when you drive around? ie does the mileage go up

    if so, you can get one of the 'mileage correction' or dashfixer people to adjust the mileage back - it would be cheaper than getting another cluster and trying to get it coded for the ecu/immobilzer
  3. Brownsauce

    Brownsauce New Member

    No he odometer is stuck on 651000.I'm trying to get information about it so I can go back to the bodyshop and say that this isn't a common occurance like they say it is
  4. etronic

    etronic TDI

    I can help you with this. I do repair these.
  5. S3 HODGE

    S3 HODGE Brown passenger seat.

    Sounds mad lol, Tryed Vagcom?

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