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Mileage on S3

garethhill Oct 20, 2006

  1. garethhill

    garethhill Member

    What kind of mileage is fine before things start to go wrong with the engine ?
    My friends got the same engine in his Leon cupra R and has had all sorts of problems with it coil etc.

    The one im thinking of buying has done 97k but is a late 2002 car so the price isnt alot different than a 1999 50k car.

    Any responses would be great

  2. fasteddie

    fasteddie Member

    go for the 99 with 50k, nothing to do with the fact that the other engine may be nearer death - more to do with the earlier car is somebody's pride and joy. I bought my 99 (45k miles) over a 2001 (86k miles) at the same price because of condition, the older car was mint, the newer car didn't look cared for.

    Of course only you know what's important but I think too much emphasis is put on age in this country - maybe it's something to do with reg plates changing every year but in some other countries it's more biased to mileage and condition!
  3. 135k miles on a 1.8T here, and no engine problems, yet.

    If a car is looked after mileage is not an issue IME.
    I personally would rather have a high miler that's been regularly serviced and been sat cruising on a motorway most of its life, than a low miler that's been used for short trips, for example.

    I recently looked at an S3 with ~40k on it, priced at >£14k. There was so much wrong with it, I personally wouldn't have given them any more than £6k for it.

    Condition is everything. Mileage isn't necessarily important.
    Although obviously a high miler that had been used on short trips, thrashed from cold, not serviced, fed on lawnmower oil and supermarket fuel, etc... may be a bad choice, if you're not very good at engine rebuilds!

    Luckily some of these cars are loved and cared for. As I'm sure you realise from looking around here. A chat to the current owner/seller can sometimes be revealing.

  4. col6821

    col6821 Member

    I can't match 135k miles, but I purchased my S3 in Feb '06 with 67k on the clock. One major service and cambelt change later it's still running faultlessly at 79k. I went for the higher mileage newer car as it had full service history and was mechanically faultless. She does need a little TLC though, and the suspension could do with replacement..
  5. garethhill

    garethhill Member

    Thanks for the replies, the 97k late 2002 model does look nice and i will see in better light when he returns from holiday next week so will report then.

    Its a one owner car with fash so in my opinion would be a good investment!

    It is only a work car really so getting to work and back everyday around 35miles wont strain the car too much!

    I think someone who has done 97k in 3 years is either an idiot or drives on motorways all day!

    More opinions please

  6. Adams3

    Adams3 Member

    My S3 is a 99' model, it was on 47k when i got it two years ago and i paid 12k for it, its now done 75k and still feels great to drive.

    These 20vt's are good engines and shouldnt see much go wrong with them if looked after, apart from coil packs and maf sensors.
  7. G Force

    G Force New Member

    If you aren't going to do many miles, I would suggest buying the car with higher than average miles. After a couple of years of use it will then be a car with average miles so when you come to sell it you wont be hit in the pocket so much with the depreciation.

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