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Mike ,Newbie A3 tfsi dsg "just wondered " question

miked79 Feb 13, 2014

  1. miked79

    miked79 New Member

    Hi all ,
    just bought audi A3 2.0 tfsi dsg and earlier today i was doing 30mph and car was very gently slowing (like the car was nodding off) without me lifting the pedal, it got to 20ish mph and i lifted off(dont know how slow it would have got if i hadnt )then back on to pedal and it was back to normal just wondered any ideas ?one off ? also pulling out of junctions i either pull away too slow or do small wheel spin this normal charachteristic on these ?
    Mike d

    Poole Dorset
  2. nluk100

    nluk100 Active Member

    Are you leaving it in D mode? If so then it will upshift and might give you the impression that it is slowing (as it will be off boost).

    Try driving it in M mode and use the paddle shifters - it will change your driving experience for sure.
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  3. miked79

    miked79 New Member

    cheers nluk100 i did think that & had car a week not used m mode/paddles yet will do on way home from work :sm4:

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