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mfsw retrofit

quattrov6tdi Nov 13, 2007

  1. quattrov6tdi

    quattrov6tdi Member

    hi all

    just starting my next project after retrofitting cruise control,dis, rns e and bt kit ,all went well except for coding issues.glorius vagcom and a mate who has dealer set up computor sorted these

    before i start i need small bit of info ....part nos compatibilty

    steering wheel 4fo 124a
    slip ring 8e 0953541d
    module 8e 0953549L

    when i was i doing cruise control /dis i never changed slip ring or module the original ones worked perfect.
    i did noticed on the slip ring that the above part no had twice as many pins on the middle connection than on the original module on the car.

    do i need any extra connections or wiring looms

  2. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    If your fitting the 6 button MFSW from the genuine A4 2001-2005, then don't read this next section.

    If your fitting a new style MFSW with buttons and rollers then please have a read.

    I know from reading other posts on other forums that the new MFSW uses a two stage airbag and if your car is a B6 (A4) then it will only have a single stage ignitor.

    This causes several issues including a safety one. If you airbag controller fails to ignite the airbag in an accident, your insurance would surely be invalidated if the company found out that the airbag was not standard. (or appropraite for the vehicle). Now if this left people seriously injured or worse, then I would not like to be the person that fitted the MFSW to that car.

    Some people have simply paired up the airbag wires so one igniter circuit drives both bags, but they have had issues with the air bag warning light and faults in cold damp weather. Something to do with the resistance of the two bags in parallel changing with temperature.

    Again, how do you test this? deliberately crash your car or waste the airbags in some sort of controlled experiment?
  3. quattrov6tdi

    quattrov6tdi Member

    hi craig

    thank for the reply i appreciate your comments and concerns.on the the other hand i think its one of these (i have to have it) situations.

    in your post you mentioned the controller that was causing me concern also so i when i purchased the new airbag from the stealer i got the controller aswell. then i fitted the controller to the car and the dealer machine (cant thing of the name not vag com its the one that used for pdi in audi garage) my mate in snapon resaerch has all the toys.he re programmed every thing so at hte minute the car things it missing airbay whic is two stage

    i will let u know how it pans out
    thanks again for your concern for my safety

    ps if u get a chance will check out my reply on the rnse please

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