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Metal Plates & Plate Holders - Oh Balls

stevehall Aug 25, 2009

  1. stevehall

    stevehall Member VCDS Map User

    Over the past few weeks i have been working on the rear of my car trying to get it to the way i wanted and i got myself some metal plates and some plate holders, thought it would be a quick nice easy mod, and would really finish off the rear of my car.

    When i got my car it had plate holders on but the rear one got smashed in a rear end accident, so thought i would get some new ones as i liked them.

    Everything arrived over the weekend so set to, carefully pulled my old ones off as i did not want to damage the paint if it snapped... and this is what happened....

    Took it to the body shop this morning and the guy seemed to say that it was normal and i should not have taken the plates off?? But they have agreed to fix it FOC...

  2. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    I bought some new plates at the weekend and took mine off which were originally screwed in i then cleaned behind them and just stuck them on instead of screwing them on and they look much better.

    If your bodyshop is fixing it for free what is the point in this post?
  3. stevehall

    stevehall Member VCDS Map User

    What if the body shop were not going to fix it FOC – what would a post on a forum do to change things?

    The post was to show people what I have been up to and what things I come across, many of the posts on here I read show what people have done and found, but there has been no real point in what’s been said.

    How come you have not put some plate holders on if you did not want to drill your plates?
  4. Yellowtrophy

    Yellowtrophy Member

    This is interesting - I wonder if the area was re-sprayed following the rear-end incident, and the plate surrounds put on by the repairer when the paint was still a bit soft? This could be the reason the paint came off this time...
  5. Richardesty

    Richardesty loves quattro

    Yeah has to be said - I wouldn't expect that from OEM paint........

    I've replaced my rear plate three times now, always using double sided tape - the heavy duty 'no more nails' on a roll version.

    I've never had any problems........

    Hope you get it sorted Steve - really looking forward to seeing these metal plates you mention :thumbsup:

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