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Mercedes AMG Rep 19" x 8.5 Wheels

Sean Mckinlay Feb 27, 2013

  1. Sean Mckinlay

    Sean Mckinlay New Member

    Here I have for sale my Mercedes AMG Replica Wheels.Size: 19" x 8.5j PCD: 5x112 They have Budget tyres on them (235,35,19) with a little bit of stretch, not a lot just enough to give me some room and have passed an MOT. The tyres still have plenty of tread on them, if requested I can give exact values.The wheels have only covered about 5000 Miles.They are a graphite colour with a polished face.Everywhere I went I received compliments on the wheels, they really are a nice set. They could do with a refurb as the lacquer is starting to go on some parts of the polished face where there are small curbing scuffs.I have included a picture to show how they looked on my car to give you an idea.Thanks.Sean.

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