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  1. Mistress-Mk1TT

    Mistress-Mk1TT Active Member

    A friend of mine has recently passed away suddenly due to a brain hemerage, his girlfriend is organising a meet with a little drive out then back to the meeting place, now I know that none of you would have known him but he was a huge car enthusiast and we're trying to make this a huge meet, I would really appreciate it if a few asn member would be willing to pop along and show there support to a great lad.

    Also if anyone knows someone with a clio sport could you please ask then to come along as that's what he drove.

    Thanks sarah x
  2. FranA3

    FranA3 FMDETAILING Site Sponsor Team Brill Red Gold Supporter Audi A3

    hey sarah sorry to hear this, always a sad thing to hear of someone passing to young or early. hope you get some asn members coming to your meet.
    regards fran.
  3. antowens

    antowens Car Nut

    Any dates locations on this Sarah sorry to here about your loss

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