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Mechanical Issues

Funkyfin2000 Dec 18, 2010

  1. Funkyfin2000

    Funkyfin2000 Member

    Well I bought my 1.9tdi Quattro Avant 4 weeks ago now and its a minter bar you may have seen my Lumpy thread.

    Anyway my mechanic looked it over yesterday for me and gave it the once over...

    Wandered if I could just check peoples advice and possible costs.

    1) Needs a new alternator pulley (bumper off jobby) but should be around £80 or so. It makes a bit of a rattly sound on running the car and idle. Mechanic thought it was seized and you could hear the belt over run. Looking at it whilst car running you could see it moving about.

    2) Rear Brake Flexi hoses, one starting to wear badly, other wearing a little. £17 a hose plus labour and full bleed of system etc.

    3) Front and Rear Discs and Pads - Any idea on costs, any worthwhile upgrade?

    4) Seal on the prop(?) I think at the rear, little bit of oil coming out so seal needs replacing i think....

    5) Drivers side rear tyre really bald on the inside, new tyre and 4wd drive tracking needs doing at VW/Audi he reckoned, any idea on cost for this?

    Thats about it, not much but just a few niggly things really.

    any help or advice do let me know!


  2. 1210tech

    1210tech Four Ring Fanatic Team Daytona Team V6 Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group S-line owners group

    With reference to the 4 wheel tracking, take it to Midland VW.
    I always had problems with uneven wear on the front and had the car aligned at a few different places but always had the same problem until Midland VW replaced a wheel bearing and did a 4 wheel alignment and its been sorted ever since
  3. paul20v

    paul20v Audi fanatic

    The alternator comes off for a pulley change you would have to be a mad head too pull the bumper and everything off for such a simple job,
    seal on the prop would be depend on how much oil is leaking if its only a damp mist i wouldnt worry about it , obviously if its being topped up all the time get it done ,
    make sure he does a proper bleed of the brakes with a diagnostic machine also as sometimes an old fashion bleed just wont cut it .
    i have to ask what are the rear hoses wearing on ? are or they just perishing ,
    As for upgrading the brakes stay standard unless you are going for different callipers or carriers for a larger front disc.

  4. Funkyfin2000

    Funkyfin2000 Member

    Brake Hoses I think are just perishing as you say, ones quite bad and ones starting to go so thats a priority really along with the tyre and allignment.

    The braided kit front and back for the avant is only £60 (hoses are £17 each for the rear - im thinking might be easier to get this kit for it) I know they don't make a massive difference but for the cost....and get the fronts done whilst the brakes are being bled anyway.

    From what we could tell the alternator pulley is RIGHT in front of the cross member, to get the special tool in to take it off, you wouldn't have enough room without pulling the front of the car forward. Any guide on how not to take the front off??

    Whats the diagnostic machine for bleeding the brakes? Using VAG com you mean?

    Will stay standard on the brakes, just wandered if there was an easy upgrade route. Thats fine.



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