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Mechanical Help Needed!

TekTalk Mar 18, 2008

  1. TekTalk

    TekTalk New Member

    My RS6 has developed a serious problem... and I'm looking for technical advice/guidance, just so that garages don't try to pull the
    wool over my eyes and con huge amounts of money from me!!! The car generally put the oil light on every couple of months, given
    that it does reasonably high mileage of 2.5k per month... so I top it up when it tells me to!, I do check the dipstick at the time to make sure it is telling me the truth though!

    The last time I did that, the light came on again the following day... and it had used a whole ltr of oil in about 50 miles!!! I replaced what it had appeared to use, and drove very gingerly for the rest of the day; having no option but to use the vehicle for work.

    It didn't use any more oil that day, so I used the car for the remainder of the week keeping an eye on it, still driving a little
    steady; and it didn't use any more oil. I was keeping the check for obvious signs of usage or leaks... no patches on the drive, and no
    apparent smoking as I drove along normally.

    At the start of the following week... there was one instance where I put the car on to turbo quite hard, just had to when getting out of a fix on a slip road!, and I noticed that it was making a distinctly different noise; not bumps and grinds, just that it sounded to be
    over boosting, i.e. that the whistle was definitely a much higher pitch. I glanced out the back, and sure enough it was smoking; not
    heavy, but enough to be noticable. I immediately stopped, turned around, and had a great excuse for working from home for the day!

    Thinking back to the night where it used a litre of oil... it was dark, and after putting the oil in, I was running rather fast to get
    home as it was late! So it may have been burning out the back, but a) I didn't think to look b) I daren't look, I was too busy
    concentrating on the world arriving in front of me at 100mph and c) there wasn't anyone following sufficiently close enough to me to see in their lights if it was burning or smoking.

    I took the car off the road... not sure what it was, but fairly sure that it was going to cost me a small fortune to fix it; and that
    would take a couple of months to pull together.

    Having talked to a few in the know (perhaps), I have had everything suggested;

    turbo has blown
    (but having had this happen to a 200sx a few years ago, they tend to blow smoke all the time once gone don't they?)

    a turbo valve has blocked
    (apparently there is a valve in a audi/vw turbo that is prone to blocking, and it is cheap to fix but expensive to get to!)

    faulty valve seals
    (the engine is known to be prone to faulty valve seals?... these will have gone, take it to a dealership being firm and the majority of at
    least the labour should be covered under warranty)

    From my take; it happened suddenly, it only seems to happen when on turbo, no smoke is apparent at any other time.

    Since I have taken it off the road, I have started it and sure enough it let out a belch when first fired... it hadn't been run for 3 weeks, and prior to that it was running daily.

    Does anyone have any experience or ideas as to what it may be?
    (Apologies now for going on so long!!!)

  2. grizz

    grizz Member

    Russ where are you ?? I could take a look for you if your in the north west . g
  3. mattysupra

    mattysupra Big BHP!

    Ah grizz, seems i have seen you else where aswell. :shutup2: For everyone who does not grizz around here, well if it is rs based, then this the guy who can help with and fix any rs6 problem. Top guy and well trusted in his skills with the rs!
  4. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    I can vouch for him too

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