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  1. simondavidr

    simondavidr Member

    Another query - when i bought the A3 the guy said he had been using the cd changer and no problems i tried it the first day and it would not read - just loaded the cd and then showed 'CD01 ERR' CD02 ERR i took the changer out and had a friend look at it for me - told me the laser was knackered and would need to buy a new changer!!££ Is this true?? Can the laser be repaired/fixed?? or do i indeed have to buy a new one - i have been listening to Radio now for six months and just need to sort this!!
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The lens just needs cleaning. If you take the cover off the changer you should be able to see the lens.
    Use a cottonbud soaked in lighter fluid and give it a good clean. Alternatively buy a CD cleaner. It could be the laser, but unlikely. I've been using the same changers for over 8 years without any problem.

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