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Mayonnaise, Should I be Worried?

AndyF Jan 20, 2013

  1. AndyF

    AndyF Member

    I recently got a 2.0 petrol A4 avant with 127000 on the clock. The cambelt snapped in July last year and since then has done 5000 miles.

    When I got the car a couple of weeks ago I noticed the coolant was below minimum (no warning light on but was probably 1.5 to 2 cm below min) and the oil seemed low too. I just checked the oil as the garage said they'd topped it up and noticed a small amount of 'mayonnaise' on the end of the dip stick after i wiped it first then put it back in (ie it wasn't there the first time I removed it, it was there the second time). I wiped it off and rechecked a couple more times and no mayo was visible.

    Having just traded in my MG ZS for the Audi due to the head gasket going twice am I just paranoid or could it be going on the Audi? Obviously when the cambelt snapped the head was replaced. The oil filler cap is clear as is the header tank.

    Please tell me I have nothing to worry about, I can't be doing with the stress of worrying about head gasket failure again!
  2. Alan H

    Alan H Need a V8 or Bi-Turbo.......

    Mayo can be a sign of head gasket failure, but the car you have bought may only have done short runs. This can also cause the mayo problem.
  3. VagCabby

    VagCabby Active Member

    As said above, if the car has been driven.on short runs and hasn't had time to warm up properly then it could just be condensation in the oil. If the mayo doesn't come back after driving it for a week I wouldn't worry. Are all your temps fine?
  4. AndyF

    AndyF Member

    Thanks for the replies, temps are fine. I'll keep an eye on it. I didn't see any the first time I checked the oil just over a week ago when I checked it a few times as it looked low. Since then I have done a few trips to work (20 mile round trip) and just spotted it now. It had a 3 month engine and gear box warranty do if it is going I hope it goes soon!
  5. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    I would agree with the others - condensation build up.

    Tell me about the ZR! - My girlfriend has one, I changed the HG last year for the landrover one - its beginning to show signs of failing again... damn k series.
  6. AndyF

    AndyF Member

    I had the ZS, it was a great car very under rated. The handle was pin sharp and it looked lovely as it was the MK2 with the 180 body kit (flared arches, side skirts, big spoiler and 'shark gill' vents in the wings.

    The head gasket went twice and cost £800 - £1000 a time. They assured me that the second time it went they used a fix that would solve the problem for good. They said none had ever gone following this fix although later changed that to 'very few!' The fix was a new gasket, new sump rail and new torque settings. Anyway after near 2 years the coolant level started dropping. The rear calliper seized costing £300 to fix, then it was leaking oil from the rocker cover area and the exhaust had just been patched up so I thought it was time to get rid.

    It may have been losing coolant from the inlet manifold gasket and may be a quick cheap fix but that plus the oil plus the exhaust plus the recent seized calliper made me think it was about to cost me a lot of money. Other than that it was in fantastic condition and it drove brilliantly.
    I also thought it was time for a more solid car as it was so noisy and tinny (the Janspeed back box didn't help!). The Audi is so well built and so much more relaxing to drive.

    Here it is;

    Last edited: Jan 22, 2013

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