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Maybe buying an Audi S3

Briand88 Sep 23, 2013

  1. Briand88

    Briand88 Member

    Hello Everyone :) first post be gentle lol

    Im looking at potentially buying an S3 there is just a few things that are making me hold back. i would like to clear up first, I have previously owned a facelift focus ST and had it mapped and modded and after 3 years of ownership putting 70.00+ a week in fuel in the thing just started to really get on my nerves and paying 330.00 per month for it. I admit i did drive it in boost a fair bit but why not its what the car was built for. My average mpg was 17.8 when i traded that in. I then made a somewhat silly/impulsive buy decision, i traded it in for a 2.0 CDTI Insignia SRI Nav. And at the ripe old age of 25 and 16 months later felt that this was just to i dunno drab/OAP/reps car for me. So what i was after was something with a little power when needed, turns heads can also be driven nice and calmly and return decent mpg when doing so.

    So when i was browsing the forecourt i came across the S3 in Black it was a car that never even crossed my mind to buy. But i really liked the look of it and speaking to the salesman, he said ill show you the current average mpg it was. 15.1 now i know this is NOT from it being driven normally it has either been reset and then just diddled about the forecourt OR on small short journeys after being reset or the person that brought it up from down south was hammering it all the way up .

    The salesman's boss the owner off the company then went onto tell me that he had and S3 and was doing city driving and some country driving to a destination about 30 minutes from where we were and told me he was getting 37 MPG. The salesman then told me he could show me the goverment figures for that car and it was 23 About town/short journeys (door to door as he said) and 40 combined doing both.

    The salesmen then took me into the sales room to start talking figures the car was 15,595 he was after 280 odd a MONTH which is not bad in one way its a cracking looking little car the pictures do it no justice at all, its a good spec has sat nav, full leather etc, BUT when you look at it in the other hand this car is almost 6 years old and i admit the mileage is not to high at 48k BUT isnt this alot of money to be parting with on a car at almost 6 years old? What is a realistic figure of MPG with sort of normaly driving and the occasional bit of fun? Are there any common problems with Audi S3? And how do they hold their value so well? are there any tell tale signs under the bonnet to suggest that the car has been modded? and lastly would YOU pay this for an S3 and WHY? what makes it so good that at alost 6 years old its still worth 15.5k?.

    Here is a link: Used Audi S3 Hatchback S3 Quattro 3dr in Edinburgh, Midlothian | Deutschmarque Ltd

    Thanks for reading.

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  2. Dean_T

    Dean_T Active Member

    Ask a mod to put this in the 8p section, it will get more views that way :)
  3. Briand88

    Briand88 Member

    Ill just repost it lol cheers man :)
  4. Reload

    Reload Bird is the Word!

    Okay, firstly the price seems excessive for an 8P2 (pre facelift) model, I'd say a maximum of 14k. If this bloke at the garage says he gets 38 mpg out of his he must be doing a driving miss daisy at 40mph everywhere. I average just under 30 in mine with a mix of spirited and careful driving.
    At that age you must make sure the cambelt / water pump has been done (5 years) plus the haldex oil as this can be pricey if it goes wrong.
    As for mods, if it's just had a stage 1 remap you may not notice the considerable improvement from stock if you have not driven one before. Anything more than that means there would be visual indicators (different exhaust, cold air intake under the bonnet).
    Hope this helps
  5. Briand88

    Briand88 Member

    I have reposted in 8p section admin please delete Reload maybe you could repost this in my new thread?

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