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Maximum tuning the 1.8t A3

corbypete Mar 16, 2006

  1. corbypete

    corbypete New Member

    How far can the 8L A3 1.8T engine be pushed stock?

    I'm seeing bolt on ECUs and turbos ranging up to 350bhp... surely the engines not this strong?

    Im thinking of to begin with, an induction kit, uprated oil pump, sports exhaust to start

    Then either a turbo or ECU upgrade

    Now, theres a 200bhp ecu, and a 225bhp upgrade, and a 350bhp turbo. I presume an intercooler would also need to be ordered about the same time.

    How good is the clutch/gearbox? What do you think the engine can take without any engineering?

    I want to reach the best performance i can achieve without replacing the whole car, naturally. I also dont want it to blow up in a week of tuning.

    Thanks in advance, its a real struggle to find any real tuning info on the A3 other than sales websites.
  2. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    ask ryanc, i'm sure he's got 350 puppies out of his 1.8T.
  3. 90_quattro

    90_quattro New Member

    Whats your engine code? the agu had the big port head which is a big bonus, bottom ends can take 350hp before you need to start upgrading them but i would try and run a little less to be safe, a good upgrade would be the k04 turbo and a remap, shouldnt be far off the 300 mark then and its fairly inexpensive
  4. corbypete

    corbypete New Member

    wow, pretty impressive

    new pistons at 250bhp? I heard the melt at that rate...

    id need a new intercooler aswell I presume.

    Heres my shopping list anyway:


    Preperation – 150bhp standard
    Uprated S3 Oil Pump
    Turbo Wastegate

    Stage 1 -
    Induction kit – Carbon fibre shielded -
    Free Flow Cat -
    Fast road Cat-back system

    Stage 2 –
    ECU 1 bar Remap
    K4 Turbo or S3 K3 hybrid
    Turbo downpipe
    Dense Alloy intercooler
    Turbo Boost Guage/Regulator

    Stage 3
    Low compression pistons+ rods+gaskets -
    Bosch Uprated Injectors
    Fast flow Head (Original machined) -
    Fast Road Clutch
    Fast downpipe
  5. cpt_splash

    cpt_splash New Member

    Is you car an A3 1.8T or an S3? The standard A3 engine can really only go to 210 to 220 bhp. The S3 had a strengthened crankcase and stronger crank and con-rods, and will go to 400 bhp if done correctly. You also get a bit more if is the 225bhp S3 engine, as it is VVT.
    Hope this helps. Graham
  6. fastlap

    fastlap New Member

    S3 rods and crank are only uprated on certain engine codes, generally the internal modifications of the S3 are welcome but not necessary for big reliable power from a 1.8T.

    There are plenty of non s3 style 1.8Ts outt here running well over 300hp, and spome up to 400 with internal mods. You will, however, need to be careful in going for really big power as one weak point is the valves which can break their heads off at higher RPMs, (7500+). So many of the big power chasers will change to replacement and expensive valves to allow more reliable consistent rpm.

    As for your choice of shopping list, your inital mods will yield you little power increase for the oney, and yet if you are definately going for big turbo power in future they may be useful. But you really might be better to just go for a nice remap initially, good cheap power, and you may be happy with this sort of power level. Big turbo conversions are not cheap, and reckon on £4-8k depending on spec and choices etc.

    Melted pistons are relatively rare even with big power big turbo conversions, provided they are set up properly. Many stage 1 big turbo conversions actually run less boost than a traditional stock turbo remap! They make their power purely form increased airflow and less restrictions. Cyclinder pressures are not disimilar therefore to a stock turbo with remap, so pistons don't get too hard a life to be fair.

    I would say unless you are really wanting to push the boudaries, leave the motor internlas pretty well alone, and spend you money wisely on the things that really make a difference.
  7. audi5e

    audi5e Member

    One piece of advice, uprate your suspension and brakes first. There isn't much point having all that power only to get to use it once... though I suppose if you go at least do it with a big idiot grin... :)

    I would change callipers and discs/pads anyway. Then check that your ABS can handle the upgrade.

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