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Maruti with an Audi S6 engine (11 sec for 1/4mile).

djuka Jul 20, 2013

  1. djuka

    djuka New Member

    The FIA drag racing scene is not very interesting since the person with the big bucks is usually the winner in his class. What if we were to shuffle the classes to a different tune? Set the classes by time needed for 0-1/4mile in seconds, starting with 16 and decreasing by 1 second until we reach 10 sec. Now it becomes much more interesting. Well this is how its done in the Balkans for the past 10 years and they call it street race events because they started racing with street legal cars.

    This project started as a street legal Maruti with a Suzuki 1.6L engine in the back and now its with an Audi S6 4.2L engine. The project is ongoing, since the owner doesn't want to stop at 550BHP but wants to reach the 700BHP mark. Here are some pictures of the build
    Sport - Suzuki Art
    And the latest video from one of these events where it won with the time of 11.024 sec/quarter mile drag.

    As the project advances I will add more information as it happens.
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