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  1. Two people get married. On the wedding night, wife requests £20 before sex commences. Husband says what the heck, hands it over, and proceeds. This goes on for years. They've been married 25 years. Husband comes home ashen faced, crushed etc. Explains to his wife that he's lost his job -- sees them losing their house, cars, etc. etc. She says one minute. Goes back to the bedroom and comes out with a savings book which shows thousands of pounds as a balance. He say's how? All the £20s over the years she has saved in case they ever needed it. He is amazes, grateful, effusive. She says "and see that bank across the street, we own 1/2 of it." He goes into more praise, etc. And then says "if I had known that, I would have given you all my business."

    Moral of the story -- a man never knows when to stop talking.

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