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Mapping Q research for 2.0tfsi stronic quattro 2011

streetfighter-r Mar 19, 2011

  1. streetfighter-r

    streetfighter-r New Member


    I have been struggling to understand the options I have for a remap stage 1.

    Could anyone explain;
    - does the auto box need remapping as well or is it optional; benefits?

    - does the the remap offer 2 profiles for D and S mode?

    - how noticeable is a stage 1 with circa +40 bhp?

    - who can remap my car via OBD without need to break into the ecu?

    - any recommended tuners thats not all about full power gains but more interested in optimising power, drivability and reliability, e.g not melting pistons or punching holes in the block just for sake of trumps
  2. VRStu

    VRStu Just Looking VCDS Map User

    The engine and box maps are different and complimentary. I don't think you'll need the box mapped.

    Stage One software will give you the best bang for buck in tuning. You'll notice it for sure.

    If the ECU is one of the new locked type then nobody can map it without opening it first.

    REVO have always been good with TFSi tuning but Superchips are ok too. APR don't have such a good dealer network since they and Awesome fell out.

    Pay a reasonable amount, don't be tempted to meet someone in a lay by or have them come to your place of work for a couple of hundred quid.

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