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MAP Sensor Issues

Discussion in 'Awesome GTI' started by Wizza, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Wizza


    I popped in to see you guys a few weeks ago regarding power fluctuations and you gave the car a VCDS code read. The results were as follows, but tonight we seem to have an updated problem beyond the issues when I came to see you;

    On my way back from Skelmersdale tonight, from literally moments after setting off the car would 'jump and jerk' under acceration to the point it feels like you are slamming the brakes on. Also it would also use a lot more fuel then normal to the point you can see the miles-till-empty dropping quickly. Once the on motorway the car would generally feel OK put only to the point that it was a steady speed of 65-70mph.

    Coming off the motorway the car would react in the exact same way it did when the engine was cold, and it literally felt like I gave the car an emergency stop as I set off from the roundabout. Again the car was using more fuel and in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears there was absolutely no power at majority of times. My original thoughts (and passengers) was that it could have been a case of having to pull over and call breakdown not knowing exactly what damage this could cause to the engine.

    As I puilled up at home, reversing onto driveway the car seemed to near enough lose all power and I don't just mean engine management wise. Anyway fuel temps were perfectly normal all the way home and there are no signs of funny engine noises or smells. Could this just be my MAP sensor completely on it's way out or is it causing fuel pump/pressure issues? I know most of you will tell me that I should have just got the problem fixed from the start but unfortunately I can't afford it and that's the way things go.

    ANY IDEAS? Cheers in advance :)
  2. AwesomeAl

    AwesomeAl Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Your first port of call would definitely be to get a new map sensor in there! Signal too high sounds like a nice possitive point towards the sensor itself rather than any of the wiring etc.

    As far as I'm aware on these the map sensor also acts as a temperature sensor also, So if it has failed and is showing the intake temps to be too high, the car will be asking for more and more fuel to keep the EGT's as low as possible.

    Hope this helps Kris!

    Cheers, Al.
    Awesome Ltd.
  3. Wizza


    Ah that will explain why it has been acting funny from cold start these past two days. Right I know what my plan is when I get paid in a few days.

    Cheers Al. See ya soon!!
  4. AwesomeHassan

    AwesomeHassan Member

    We have seen a few in the past where the map sensor has been reading 999ºc @ Idle - Which keeps on telling it to put more and more fuel in! Never a good thing.
  5. Wizza


    Ouch that's crazy figures.

    Anyway got the sensor fitted and car is running all well and good.

    Just another thing though - my rev needle seems to fluctuate on idle but without any change in engine noise (700rpm - 900rpm). Any ideas what can causes this? Or just electronics fault as car ages?

    P.S. This has been happening for quite some time not since fitting MAP sensor.
  6. AwesomeAl

    AwesomeAl Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Could potentially be the start of the coilpacks getting towards the end of their life, maybe even the spark plugs.
    We tend to get a lot of customers mentioning that new plugs / coilpacks make the idle a lot smoother.

    Hope this helps Kris!

    Cheers, Al.
    Awesome Ltd.
  7. Wizza


    Will get these sorted soon - cheers Al
  8. AwesomeAl

    AwesomeAl Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    No worries at all! :)

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