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Many scrapes, cuts and bruises, but...

ricostuart Jul 24, 2013

  1. ricostuart

    ricostuart Active Member

    My brakes on my S4 are all changed. Calipers cleaned and greased, bolts changed, pads changed, discs changed. What a s**t job. They really are not easy to do at all (especially having to get the discs off the rear!). Going to check the brake fluid for air next and then do full oil change/filter change.

    Thank god I have access to a two post lift where the car has been sitting on for hte last 3 days. I would not like to change the brakes on the drive!!!

    Need to change the auto transmission and rear diff fluids (anyone know what fluids I should use? any filters needing changed there?), and the snub mount looks a little tired so will get a repalcement one of those soon.

    Fun fun fun!
  2. Molnboman

    Molnboman Well-Known Member

    Nice one....you can take comfort in the fact you saved yourself quids worth of labour charges or at least you can use the money towards bulk pack of elastoplasts!

    Well done.
  3. ricostuart

    ricostuart Active Member

    cheers! Hard work (suprisingly!) but worth doing. Need to take off the front dampers next to get the new spring plate on. Not looking forward to that one so much!

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