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Many S3 owners with blue flame?

Avantsline Jun 20, 2013

  1. Avantsline

    Avantsline Member

    Evening all,

    I'm in the market for a Tbe for the s3 and either an Itg or twin take filter.

    Tempted to go for the blue flame mainly due to price and heard a few failures of down pipes on the milltek!

    Is anyone running a blue flame and able to share their opinion on sound and quality?

    Open to opinions on blue flame or milltek and between the two filters!

    The plan is to modify the engine cover which I have seen can be done with twin take does the same work for the Itg?

    Ideally want to keep stock cover not a big lover of the Tt cover!
  2. mjr901

    mjr901 Guest

    Mates got a Blueflame on his ed30 golf. Cannot describe how good it sounds.
  3. fireheed

    fireheed Member

    Got a Blueflame resonated TBE on the S3 and it's quiet enough on the inside but sounds good on the outside with out attracting too much attention. Happy enough with it.
  4. coreythorny

    coreythorny Active Member

    If I didn't manage to pick up my Milly second hand I was going straight to the Blueflame. Sounds the best by far IMHO

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