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manifold and downpipe fitting

Danny Cawsey Oct 18, 2010

  1. Danny Cawsey

    Danny Cawsey Cawsey

    ive just ordered an 034 manifold and a pipewerx downpipe and decat, if i had a ramp and the time i would try and tackle it my self but unfortunatly i dont.
    so i went and spoke to a guy at a small seat garage and he said he can put it all on for me, but it is an 8 hour job which added up to 425 euros, does the time and cost sound about right?
    im iffing and arring about wheather to do it or not, as it is going to add up to around 900 euros in total for whats proberbly going to be a small gain in hp.
    i all so have milltek race cats and cat back on the car at the moment which i will be selling the cats if i do go ahead with it.

    whats your thoughts?
    and i know its a long shot but anyone no the gains?

    cheers Danny
  2. badger5

    badger5 www.badger5.co.uk Site Sponsor

    its a cock of a job... bet he wont do another based on 8 hour quote
  3. Lee172

    Lee172 GT3071

    I dont know much about the manifold and im guessing thats where alot of the labour charge is, however i have just bought a downpipe and decat which im going to get fitted for £70. It may be worth your while shopping around a bit more if you can.

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