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flasby Nov 19, 2003

  1. flasby

    flasby New Member

    I’ve got a problem with my 1999 2.4 A4 30valve, its engine hesitation and rough idling .
    I started surfing the net for info on Audi's with engine hesitation and found about 10 pages on the subject, a lot of which were quoting TSB’s ( Tech Service Bulletins ) on MAF’s ( mass air flow).
    My previous car ( Seat 1.9se toledo) had 3 air mass meters in 3 years.
    My questions are.
    Are there long standing problem with air flow on VW/Audi.
    How can air flow/metering be easily checked by a DIYer.
    P.S has anyone got access to TSB 010102 (Oct01) for A4 2.8 sedan ( USA )

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