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A3_SSS Oct 5, 2011

  1. A3_SSS

    A3_SSS Member

    As some of you may be aware we are due a new additon to the family shortly and a 3dr will/may be a pain with a baby seat. So yesterday my car went into the stealers for some warranty work and I noticed they had a black edition sportback arriving in stock shortly. I enquired and found the car was a similar age (mine is a couple of weeks younger) has about 5000 more miles than mine, and is way less specced (140bhp, no optional extras). Anyhow I thought I'd ask what sort of deal would be available if I wanted to swap. After a word with the manager the salesman came back with the following ................

    Said it would cost around 4K to swap. :wtf:! I asked why and was told this is down to admin, preperation charges etc... Bloody madness. :uhm:. Will never be using that dealer to purchase a car form in the future.
  2. Paullie

    Paullie Banana Menace! VCDS Map User

    That's totally crazy!!! I'd have expected it to be a straight swap at worst, considering your car is newer with less mileage and a better spec, ..in reality they should be giving you some cash YOUR way for a swap, not you giving THEM £4K!! I'd deffo try elsewhere, Buddy. That's mental, it really is :( x
  3. 1inchpunch

    1inchpunch Member

    It's weird the way these things work. Nowhere would ever do you a straight swap or give you cash to change. I bet if you looked at a car that was a year or 2 newer, similar spec with less miles than yours then the price would stay around the same.
  4. bagey

    bagey aud you do !

    they are having a giraffe !!!!!!! stuff that mate try elsewhere , i would of laughed in his face and walked away from him telling him to get real .
  5. MattyW19

    MattyW19 Member

    Hahaa, was it down to the trade in price, or were they asking over 5 grand price?

    Reminds me when I was looking at a scirocco.. and a dealership told me that it's company policy only to offer upto 2% discount.. then they wonder why they have shed loads of them outside pre registered..
  6. plezz

    plezz Member

    i'd ask them for directions to the nearest BMW showroom. i found some dealers take offence to that lol.
  7. audigex

    audigex Active Member

    What are they pricing the car at? How much could you sell yours for? If the difference is 4k or less, just go in as a buyer and get haggling.
  8. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    For the 1st few years, i'd say it wont be a pain. On a 3 door the front seats slide forward and give you far more space to get access. Once they are a bit older this will change.

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