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M3, M25 Heathrow area undercovers spotted!

takingcareofbuisness Jul 26, 2009

  1. takingcareofbuisness

    takingcareofbuisness New Member

    Ok for those of you who like to put your foot down when theres someone on your tail, beware. There is currently an orange, yes orange focus st flying around pulling people up especially where the M3 meets the A316. Also on the same stretch of road is a dark green / black skoda octavia... very sligh. Have also seen a vauxhall van and a Jag xk so I spose you never really know who could be undercover but those first two are definately worth watchin out for as they regularly watch this area.

    please feel free to add any others you have seen in this area to this thread. Safe speeding!:blackrs4:

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