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M25 foreigner nearly killed me this afternoon!!!

Oranoco Mar 6, 2011

  1. Oranoco

    Oranoco Well-Known Member

    Was coming back round the M25 with a mate from Thurrock. Doing about 80mph or so in the outside lane, going with the flow of the traffic. As we drew alongside a car with Dutch number plates on it the guy just moved across into my lane then as he was halfway over starts to indicate. I had to hit the anchors and pull right to not collect him, Christ only knows how close we were to them and the armco, and to make matters worse I was nearly shunted up the **** by an Astra that was behind us.

    The other car just cleared off. To steal a phrase from Top Gear my "**** was going like a rabbits nose".

  2. Westy_A3T

    Westy_A3T Member

    I nearly got crushed by a lorry on the A14 a couple of years ago. It moved to the outside lane when i was half way down it's trailer. I was so close to the barrier i could reach out and touch it.
    Why people move lanes without looking i'll never know.
  3. auroan

    auroan Active Member

    Two words;

    Blind spot.

    Problem is a lot of people just look in the mirrors, and never do the over the shoulder check.

    Trucks how ever you can't do the over the shoulder check. I've got C+E and if I drive for my mates company on the odd weekend, I take an extra stick on mirror to cover my blindside. Just wish others did it was well.
  4. StateOfPlay

    StateOfPlay Well-Known Member

    Well, the Dutch do drive on the wrong side of the road and there favourite TV program is Top Gear :)
  5. sportstractor

    sportstractor Chugger

    I did this to somebody in my van a while back, they were in my blind spot and i completely didn't see them until they honked. Luckily I don't swerve violently into lane like some. Quite strange for me as I ride motorbikes and checking your blindspots aka lifesavers is second nature. Everyone makes mistakes though
  6. Teddy

    Teddy New Member

    It's very annoying when people change lanes on motorways into people blind spots. Fine if you are always aware of what's around you but to assume somebody is aware of their surroundings is a dangerous game.
  7. badger1340

    badger1340 Come on you Spurs

    my dad (RIP) was a copper and he got pulled into by an HGV on the A12 which hooked up to the cop car and dragged him half a mile up the road
    the tyres on the truck burnt a massive hole through the car front wing, when they finally stopped the lorry driver (english) said he didn't even see him

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