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M reg 80 1.9 TDI lumpy tick over!!

Uncle Ben Apr 6, 2010

  1. Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben New Member

    Hello, my brothers 80 has a real bad tick over, the needle pulsates about 200 - 300 RPM each way on tick over, i've had a look myself and done the following: Clean and blanked EGR valve, clean and disconnect MAF sensor new, air filter, replaced all return pipes from each injector (as one was split) emptied water sedimenter on diesel filter... there one thing i was going to do but dont want to because if it goes wrong its big money to repair, thats bleed the fuel system (slacking off injector, turning over untill diesel squires out then nipping them up)... just thought i'd pop on here and ask to see if anyone has encounted the same problem and fixed it?

    Any ideas (big or small) will be very helpful!!!!
    Thanks in advance!

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