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Lying dealers

stuart scott Oct 16, 2010

  1. stuart scott

    stuart scott Member

    On the day I was supposed to collect my car the manager of the dealers phoned me to say that both car key's were'nt working, even though the car had been through PDI. I was suspicious of this so I drove to the dealers to find out what was going on, the car was'nt there,when I asked to see it they said it was at their PDI centre in glasgow.I asked the manager outright if the car was damaged as this has happened to me before, and he said no they would never lie about car damage.NOW 4 months later, I was hoovering the boot of the car only to discover that the rear bumper has been off and painted (perfect on outside absolutly terrible on the shuts),and the the clips holding the boot linings wont stay clipped. Could I complain about this 4-5 months later and get this fixed ,because now I've seen it I'm furious. I would have rejected the car their and then if I had known , Im not paying £35,000 for a damaged repaired car. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Ash B

    Ash B Well-Known Member

    Yes you can take it back to them and have them repair it. Take it back explain the situation and tell them you wanted it sorted asap. If they give you any sort of attitude, say you will contact trading standards and Audi UK (head office). As they lied to you, there a thread on the A3 section some where.
    Where a guy bought a black edition, noticed the damage. Returned the vehicle and got a replacement vehicle. Hope you get this sorted asap and keep us updated. May of been better to post in the General section regarding this as i dont think our A5 section that busy

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