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stoakseya4 Sep 21, 2009

  1. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    I'm organising a mini meet at Lydden circuit this saturday. They have a track day on, and I have tentatively agreed with the circuit that they'll allow me and my 'mates' access onto the cuircuit to take photos during the lunch break. As the marshall's will be on their break, speed is limited to c40mph.

    Track time is also available however at £15/15 mins, which is very good.

    There's about 6 of us going from the RS246 forum and S/RS forum. I think 3x B5 RS4's and 3x C5 RS6, primarily to meet up and photo the cars, plus have a little play on the track and hopefully flag the Audi flag so to speak!!

    Thought I'd open this up to this forum too, all are welcome.

    Lydden by the way, is south of Canterbury on the A2.

    Let me know (PM) if you wanna come out to play...

    :racer: :yahoo::racer::yahoo:


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