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Lumpy idle/small misfire on stage 2+ S3, please help?

jamieswales May 18, 2010

  1. jamieswales

    jamieswales Active Member

    Hello all,

    Just got a few questions to ask. I have searched but not found the answers.

    When my S3 is on idle, the car occasionally has the odd misfire. This seems like the lumpy idle some people talk about. sometimes it happens every 20 seconds or so, others can be every few seconds....any idea of the cause?

    As the car is running a Stage 2 +, should I be running a certain type of fuel? Im guessing Tesco Value fuel could be the cause of the lumpy idle if it is set up to run on v power. What would be the best fuel to use?

    My exhaust came loose 2 days ago and its ever since then that the problem seems to be getting worse with the misfire. I took the car back to the garage where I got it from and they sorted out the exhaust. Could this have had any lasting effects?

    Finally, is it safe to run the car as normal with the slight lumpy misfire while on Idle?

    Sorry for all the questions, Im new to this game
  2. S3RYE

    S3RYE Interior Next!!

    you should only really be using tesco 99 but preferrably v power.. its like giving an athlete a doner kebab before a race.. Youve bought i highly tuned, high mileage car.. i would strongly reccomend using a high Ron fuel to prolong its life as long as poss...

    with regards to the idle.. did it do it when you test drove it?? did the garage provide you with any sort of warranty? im not great with things like this but i think you should get it vagcom'd...

    get the exhaust sorted by them too!!!

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