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Lumpy idle 2.0 TDI

steve184 Jan 13, 2005

  1. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    Sorry another 'is it normal or is it not question'

    My 2.0 TDI seems to run quite lumpy when its cold (when really cold almost ot the point you can feel the car wobble it feels similar to a miss on a petrol engine) anyway it gradually smooths out as the temperature rises and not until the engine is nice and hot does the tickover go smooth and even. I also find my engine sometimes decides it doesnt want to tickover at 850rpm anymore and wants to tickover at 1050rpm instead which cause considerable extra vibration)

    Anybody else noticed these/agree/disagree have opinions (except take it to the dealer cos i want to decided if its a fault first please!)

  2. yak

    yak Member

    Sounds normal, based on my experience on 2,0TDI. Then again, maybe my limits of "lumpy", "vibration" and "cold" are different, but any engine will run a bit higher revs when started in cold.

    - Yak
  3. Mine does something similar, I've put it down to the fact that the air con doesn't cut in till the engine starts to warm, that then increased the idol revs.
  4. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    Calibos said:
    My manual 2.0TDI without aircon never has any variance in its idle but its certainly alot louder and rougher on startup expecially when its cold. Theres a ticking/knocking type sound (maybe somekind of pump?) that stops if I press the clutch in. Anyway it goes after a few minutes and then the car runs smoothly. I'm certainly slightly embarressed by the tractor like sound but when that racket stops and the engine noise smooths out I find I actually like the sound of the engine and I love the diesel roar on hard acceleration!! All the talk of V6 purring and refined Petrols etc had me worrying whether I had made the right choice going for my first Diesel but excepting the 5 minute period after startup, I'm not embarressed by the noises my diesel makes at all.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I have to agree with u regards to the roar etc.. I too also notice a slight knocking effect when cold, and like u, pressin cluth in removes this noise, then when warmed up its gone, i think its the gearbox making the noise (6 speed) as ive heard it on fords too, lol. If there is a problem and we're the only ones with this noise etc.. plz let us all know!!

  5. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    Hmm well as i say mine fluctuates in speed saometimes (but not all the time which is why i find it hard to accept as a normality) and yes i agree that it is very noisey and clattery when first started up and yes that clatter goes away after 5 mins or so but ill have to say my engine still remains minorly lumpy for the whole of the warm up cycle until it is thoroughly warm (upto 20-25 mins). Ill have to say not noticed any difference when clutch in or out - had this on other cars namely a vectra v6 where you could here a slight noise when the clutch was out in neautral which went when the clutch was pressed but i was pleasantly surprised when i got my audi as there doesnt seem to be any difference between clutch up and clutch down

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