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Lumbar support broken - How to dismantle seat??

DemianM Jun 9, 2009

  1. DemianM

    DemianM RWD sucks!

    The lumbar support (electric) on my S3 kinda broke, it works, I can hear it, but some kind of metal clip broke and fell off, so it is loose inside the seat itself.

    I think the rear of the seat must be removeable, but tried and could not dismantle it, does anyone know how to remove this rear cover? I think I can snap the lumbar support once again in place if I can get to it and wont need to remove the upholstery itself.

  2. Pete0119

    Pete0119 New Member

    The seat back has 3 push in clips at the top & 2 slot in clips at the bottom.
    To remove take a flathead screwdriver and pop out the three retaining clips along the TOP edge of the plastic seat back. Then pull the top edge free and lift the plastic seat back UP towards the roof of the car to disengage the bottom slot retaining clips.
  3. mdre83

    mdre83 Member

    Hope this helps...

    – Reach in between backrest and backrest cover at outer sides of backrest and release outer spring clips -1- by pulling slightly.

    NoteThe inner spring clips (with catches) -2- at backrest frame can only be unfastened to the first stop.
    – Use removal lever -80-200- to release inner spring clips -2- as far as first stop.

    – To unhook inner spring clips (with catches) -1- and -3- completely, you must slide backrest cover -2- in direction of -arrow-.

    – Pull backrest cover -1- up slightly -arrow A-, disengaging guide lugs -2- and -3- at backrest frame.
    – Swivel backrest cover towards the rear -arrow B-.
    – Detach tab -4- from guide -5-.
    – Detach backrest cover.

    Installation is carried out in the reverse order, note the following:
    NoteRenew spring clips if damaged.
    – Insert spring clips (with catches) -1- and -2- into guides -3- at backrest cover -4- in direction of -arrow-.

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