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Lubrication for wiper arm pivot points. Which lubricant to use?

_G_ May 26, 2012

  1. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    Have usually used Castrol LM Grease but is there something better/more appropriate for this?

    Not that I use them much after the g tech class coatings.

    Thank you
  2. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    They shouldnt need lubricating often at all. Like 1 or 2 times over the life of the car if that.
    Any grease will be better than none, i wouldnt buy anything special, id use whatever grease i had to hand, multipurpose etc.

    There are obviously loads of greases about, but for something like this, i really wouldnt stress over it. Not like its a high temp, high load, weight bearing part etc.

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