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lpg fuel

johnb Feb 27, 2008

  1. johnb

    johnb New Member

    has anyone got any experience of running an a8 on lpg fuel please? I would appreciate any input,especially a good installer in the midlands area.i have been quoted £2,200 for a sequential system with a tank in the boot of 90 litres. This was by a firm in coventry. It sounds just a little bit expensive.I had anticipated something nearer £1,800. Iknow some people are taking their cars to Poland to get the job done but that seems a major hassle. Thanks , john.
  2. nbowles

    nbowles New Member

    Hi John,

    My car has been running on LPG for over 40k miles with no issues.
    Having owned it for the last 18 months, it has made it a practical day to day car.

    The guy I would get to install is based near me in Sevenoaks, Kent.

    Having known him for years and seen all the cars and bikes he has built and tuned I knew he would have a sensible approach to the kits from a performance view point (better performance = better effieciency). He has serviced mine and suggested a few tweeks or thinks he woould have done differently.

    Lessons learned from the install on my car -
    * It can be done neater - although mine works, his installs look proffesional
    * Location, location, location - don't just drill into inlet chamber where it happens to be easy to get to. The jets need to be as close to the fuel injection as possible. Short runs from solenoids. Sensible hot water take offs.
    * The tank - 90ltr, mounted as far forwards as possible.
    * Suspension - it will drop the rear about 5-10mm, no problem on standard suspension, a nightmare on lowered as the rear has no adjustment options.
    * It needs to be mapped and when done WILL produce more power.

    Running costs -
    My car is a MY00 S8 40v, which averages 20mpg overall, 18mpg round town, 24mpg on a long run.
    Average cost of fuel is £1.09 petrol and £0.51 gas.
    That means 24.5p per mile or 11.5p per mile.
    Pay back time, the kit should run from £1700-£1900 depending on spec.
    On those figures, pay back arrives just after 14500 miles of use.

    Hope this helps,
    Message me for Andy's contact details or to chat further.
  3. johnb

    johnb New Member

    thanks for that. i thought 2,200 was just a bit expensive.john.

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