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LPG Conversion

Glenn A4 Sep 13, 2007

  1. Glenn A4

    Glenn A4 Loving the A4

    Has anyone had this done to there audi i have a a4 97 and use it for work and was wondering if any knows what sort of mpg or miles to a tank they get on gas... Found a place that do it for £900 so might be worth thinking about if i can make my money back on it. I get paid 40p per mile and i think the gas at the moment is 47p a liter
  2. tw

    tw New Member

    See this link for a recent thread, to which I contributed:


    I worked out that on a normal week, a quid's worth of petrol takes me about 8 or 9 miles, and a quid's worth of LPG gets me about 15 or 16. Fuel consumption is about 15% worse but fuel is half price - one place I use is 43.9p. I went to an LPGA approved place to get some more peace of mind, but paid £1550. After about 30k miles I'll recoup the cost.
    Performance is down a bit, but if you want to give it some wellington then you can switch back to petrol whilst driving. I had a minor glitch that meant it had to go back for a tweak but it seems fine now. Make sure you get a warranty - 2 or 3 years is normal.
    BTW mine is a 2000/X 1.8T that had done 89k when converted.

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