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lpg conversion question.......

shufti Dec 20, 2006

  1. shufti

    shufti Member

    I have a 1999 1.8t A6 with full lpg conversion, I am considering an upgrade in car to a 1999 4.2 tiptronic A6 but want lpg in this.......

    It would be pretty straight forward to swap the system over but I assume that the same lpg system would not work with such a different size engine?

    Could anyone shed any light as I have little knowledge about lpg and how it works....... what part of the system if any would I need to upgrade/change if any?

  2. enda1

    enda1 Member

    I no expert but at a minimum you'll need extra injectors to feed gas into each inlet manifold plus all the valves plumbing etc to split and control the gas supply to each manifold. Easiest thing is to ask the original installer

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