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Lowering Springs (SE to sport level), Anyone got old springs?

giblets46 May 10, 2008

  1. giblets46

    giblets46 Member

    Hi all,
    currently i have a Sportback SE, 2.0TDI, and frankly, I think it looks silly and on stilts, so was thinking of lowering it to the standard 'sports' level (-15mm), or better, s-line (-25mm) etc.

    Do I need specific A3, A3 sportback springs, sportback diesels springs, etc? Was thinking of giving some breakers yards a bell, or alternatively, if anyone has lowered theirs,and have the springs lieing round?
    Also this is a company car (hence not wanting to do anything too obvious), would any of this affect the warranty?
  2. Boydie

    Boydie Guest

    Just get some eibach springs - a much better job!

    If you had suspension issues, for example, your shocks started to leak if you had eibachs in, your warrenty would be void but as far as the rest of the car is concerned...its not an issue!
  3. Naresh

    Naresh Member

    I have some Sport springs sitting in my garage from the Mk1 A3 (1999) - will these fit?

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