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Lowering Spring Questions.

bleedout Nov 6, 2012

  1. bleedout

    bleedout Member

    Morning Gentlemen,

    Fitted my 18" wheels last night to my 05 plate 2.0TDI Avant and though they would stop the car looking quite so much like its on stilts.
    after fitting the car is still sitting too high for my liking so looking at dropping it a little so heres my questions:

    some people have used the FK coilovers kits, are these any good or a bit hit and miss?.

    has anyone swapped the standard spring for S-line ones?. is so what colour Codes would i need for the 2.0 TDI engine?.

    If none of the above anybody got any decent 20mm Rear / 30mm spring kits they would recomend?.

    Trying to do this as cheap as poss at the moment though can obv upgrade to beter kits further down the line?.

    Thanks for the help guys.

  2. Whopper

    Whopper Active Member

    I wanted the FK coilovers for mine but no one had them in stock and Germany had none either! I went for the JOM instead and I'm very impressed! Rides great and the plus side of coilovers is you can set your own height! Overall very impressed with them!
  3. drmole

    drmole Well-Known Member

    i have a set of FKs for sale check the for sale section for details or drop me a pm

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