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Lowering spring question

sport99quattro Nov 18, 2004

  1. sport99quattro

    sport99quattro New Member

    Closer to spring I am planning on adding suspension to my car (99.5 1.8t sport), and I was wondering about one thing while doing some research. Several suppliers (AWE, PES, and some others) offer a H&R (choice of "sport" or "race")/Bilstein package deal which interests me alot. The "sport" spring claim a 1.5" drop in the front and the "race" claim a 1.9" drop in the front. Now to my question... Since my car is a sport package model, which I believe comes with a slightly lower suspension (?), does the claimed 1.5" drop mean that it is 1.5 inches from a base model A4? In other words... would it be less of a drop than 1.5" for my sport package car due to its lower suspension from the factory? Sorry if that was a little vague... I can't put in words well what im trying to ask haha.

    Thanks guys

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