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Lowering on coilovers question

imported_Turbopaul May 7, 2005

  1. I know the mk4 golf has problems with the anti roll bars rubbing the driveshaft when lowered more than 35mm. Does this apply to the A3 1.8T too? I have bought some coilovers but would rather not fit them if they are going to rub and cause damage.

    Has anybody gone really low on coilovers and encountered any problems?

  2. why go so low ??? you after a cruiser or a good handler ????
  3. for looks! there must be A3s lowered more than 40mm??
  4. Dean_T

    Dean_T Active Member

    i have gone quite low with mine, looks excellent and is also functional too

    the guy who fitted mine knows the rubbing issue well so he dropped it low enough to look good but not give me hassle

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