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Lowering my A6 on 18's

StevoA6 Aug 17, 2007

  1. StevoA6

    StevoA6 Member

    Hi, I dont know if any one went to Coombe and saw my car opposite the Audi Club stand. I would like advise on lowering my A6. I have a early 2002 1.8T Sport running on RS6 18's at standard height. I have 2 young boys and the car is a daily driver so I don't want it running to hard but running and looking better.

    Also what drop do I get, I've been told the front and back will be at different heights? I've used Eibach before but open for advise and where to get them. I've had a price for the Eibach Pro Kit for £150 with 30mm drop - but will this look too low because of my 18's?

    These are a couple of pics of as it looks now.

    Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:


  2. karl7900

    karl7900 Active Member

    Hi Steve.

    I've just recently lowered my car and fitted 18" wheels. My own A6 is a V6 and I bought a set of Koni Sport springs from http://www.venommotorsport.com/ and they brought the car down 40mm and cost £130.

    My wheels are 8x18 with ET35 and 235/40/18 tyres on and there is no rubbing or fowling of arches at all. I use my car for work purposes and can sometimes have a lot of tools,drills or cables in the boot and I have'nt had any problems

    http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/showthread.php?t=42906 This a link to a thread I posted showing the car on standard non-sport suspension and wheels and afters of the car lowered and with new wheels.

    I hope this helps you decide what to do and if you need any more photo's at a different angle just ask :icon_thumright: .

  3. DPM

    DPM Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

  4. tahoehtp

    tahoehtp New Member

    I was lookin at same thing. I'm planning to buy 18" rims and thought about lowering it a little. it looks better lowered.
    and for me I have one kid too so can't go too much....
  5. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    i have a spare new 25mm set lying about for v6 Q
  6. StanAE86

    StanAE86 New Member

    I've always had good experiences with Eibach. They generally are the most conservative when it comes to drop. I've also had H&R springs and they are VERY aggressive and very low. I would not recommend them on a daily driver car unless the roads you frequent are really smooth.

    Good luck!

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